Co-production in health services research - HSRUK/NIHR KM Fellows report

Author Kym Lang
Posted 2019.06.26 Comments 0

What is ‘co-produced’ health services research? How do you do it? What are the challenges? When is (and isn’t) it appropriate? How can you capture the difference it might make? Is it worth it?

In 2018 our Spring meeting focused on copro in health services research, in collaboration with the NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellows.

Service users, researchers, commissioners, practitioners, the third sector and even a creative artist shared what has (and hasn’t) worked when they’ve been involved in co-producing health services research. Interactive workshops explored approaches to co-produced health services research, from modelling, and learning circles to participatory service evaluation, theatre and design – even the use of Lego. We also heard from experts from Canada and the N8 Research Partnership about how to capture the impact from co-production.

Here's the output from the day.

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Thanks to Angus Ramsay, UCL Department of Applied Health Research and Kym Lang, HSR UK