NHS boards: getting engaged with research and innovation?



Rob Newton



  • Naomi Fulop, Professor of Health Care Organisation and Management, UCL Dept Applied Health Research
  • Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive of Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Rob Webster, Chief Executive-Designate of West Yorkshire


ICS The NHS has sometimes been criticized for being a passive or even unwilling recipient of the results of research and innovation, rather than actively shaping and setting research priorities to support its needs. NHS boards rarely have a strong focus on research and innovation and where they do it is often about being good at research delivery (setting and running trials and other studies that are usually led from elsewhere) rather than about being good at identifying and meeting their own research needs and using research to improve services.

This plenary will focus on what it means to be a research-engaged NHS board, what research-savvy leadership at board level might look like, and how we can get researchers and leaders in health and social care organisations working more closely together.