New Approaches To Data Analytics

Friday 3 July 14.00 – 15.00 BST


New approaches to data analytics

Ronan Lyons, Clinical Professor of Public Health at Swansea University Medical School

Adam Steventon, Director of Data Analytics at The Health Foundation

Chair: Jennifer Whitty, Professor of Health Economics, University of East Anglia


This plenary will focus on the increasing use in research and policymaking of a range of new approaches to data analytics such as machine learning, predictive modelling, risk stratification and text mining, using a growing range of health, care and other administrative routine data sets often linked pseudonymously.  The capacity to analyse data and provide metrics, dashboards and other intelligence in near real time is changing our ideas about the role and nature of quantitative research, and opening up the potential for its contribution to decision making – and the current coronavirus pandemic has been a vivid demonstration of both the possibilities and the pitfalls of rapid data analysis.