What did the Royal Colleges ever do for you? (exams? Yes, well besides the exams): The role of the Royal Colleges in Quality improvement and Health Services Research



Daniel Wolstenholme

Director of the Centre for Quality Improvement and Clinical Audit, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

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Dr Elizabeth Saunders

Royal College of Emergency Medicine Quality Assurance and Improvement Chair

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Dr Posy Bidwell,

Midwifery lead OASI2, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

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Dr John D Dean MD FRCP

Clinical Director for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Royal College of Physicians

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Our workshop explores through three linked presentations from different Royal Colleges, the varied approach to Quality Improvement and implementation undertaken by these bodies.  The discussion that follows explores 4 questions:

1.Why the Colleges are well placed for such activities

2.How might the Colleges work closer with academic colleagues to leverage their position in doctors training and practice

3.How can Colleges work differently to make the most of their existing resources?

4.Any other reflections

We conclude that the Colleges are open for business to Health Service Researchers, they are well placed to convene service providers and other agencies and through a position of prestige are able to mobilise the good will of the professionals they serve.  If you are interested in any of the particular projects discussed don’t hesitate to contact the individual presenters.



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Thanks to all the contributors, As i watch back again i realised we didn't really touch on the guideline creation component of the Colleges work and how the entirety of College work touch on delivering change... I do think that our ability to bring disparate groups together around a common agenda should not be underestimated but would love to hear from others.

Great session thanks on the benefits of embedding QI at a college level and some of the important principles to put into practice. Also excellent to hear about collaboration between practitioners and researchers on both QI and implementation. Thanks!