Changing system levers

Oral presentations in the theme ‘changing system levers’ are now available to watch. Leave a comment below to join the discussion.

Removing competition law from the English NHS – what can it mean?

Mary Guy

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Joining up health and social care policy: implications for evidence identification from a rapid review of safeguarding

Anna Cantrell

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How does implementation of a new national patient safety policy impact on patient safety priorities within NHS organisations? Lessons from Learning from Deaths

Mirza Lalani

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Primary Care Networks in the English NHS: exploring policy construction, implementation, risks, and opportunities

Lynsey Warwick-Giles

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Dear Lynn Warwick-Giles and co-authors , thanks very much for the presentation. The three themes in WP1 resonated and wondered if they were visible/helpful in WP2 ? Looking forward to reading your papers/report and hearing about the next stages of the research in the evolving scenario in England.

Dear Mary Guy , thank you for a very interesting presentation . You raised some important points in understanding the journey to the current situation and raising the issues for the future. I am now going to your publications for some more detailed information. Many thanks .

This research has been funded by NIHR.