Clinicians' decisions

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Health professional’s supportive screening behaviours: a literature review and behavioural analysis

Andria Hanbury

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Judgement analysis approach to determine factors that influence prescribing decisions for patients with known penicillin allergy

Yogini Jani

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The Life Rooms: a social prescribing approach for people with mental health needs living in disadvantaged communities

Clare Rotheram

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Improving person-centred outcomes in social prescribing through occupational science

Cormac Lawler

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A collective phronesis (practical wisdom) from the medical community to facilitate ethical decision making: a major empirical study of doctors’ decision narratives

Mervyn Conroy

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A qualitative study of the influences on emergency medical services clinicians’ decisions to follow guidelines or not to perform a prehospital 12 lead ECG in patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes

Mary Halter

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I would be interested to hear of ethical decisions that clinicians face on a regular basis and if the resources that I outline in my presentation would be of help to you or your organisation.

This was a fascinating presentation on the complicated array of tensions faced by clinicians in following guidelines. What have you learned from this qualitative study that can influence the follow on study you are planning? Thank you

We have learned that the phronesis/virtue ethics based moral debating resources in the form of a film series and app work well in helping clinicians improve their ethical decision making. We have also learned the about the importance of inter and intra-professional debate in that process and so our next study will be asking inter-professional groups what it means to them to be making ethical decisions. Thank you for your question and if you want to know more then please do not hesitate to email me.