Angus Ramsay

Angus Ramsay is a Senior Research Associate at University College London. Angus has worked in healthcare research since 2001, with a particular focus on using mixed method evaluation approaches to understand change and improvement. He has conducted this research in a range of healthcare settings while based at University College London (2001-2005), the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2006-2008), and King’s College London Centre for Patient Safety and Service Quality Research (2008-2012).

Angus’ recent and current projects include evaluations of major system change in acute stroke services and specialist cancer surgery services (RESPECT-21), coordination of care for rare diseases (CONCORD), leadership, power, and politics in major system change (HELPA), and 24/7 working in hyper acute stroke services in London (METRO24/7). He is also an NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellow, working with stakeholders (including general public, stroke patients and carers, stroke clinicians and managers, commissioners, and politicians) to co-design a bundle of interventions to mobilise evidence on reorganisation of acute stroke services, and evaluate its use at national and regional levels.

He tweets as @angusramsay