A sustainable social care system in England? Learning from other countries


Chair: Natasha Curry, Deputy Director of Policy, The Nuffield Trust


Laura Schlepper, Researcher, Nuffield Trust on funding and lessons from Germany

Nina Hemmings, Researcher, Nuffield Trust on workforce challenges and international solutions

Professor Sue Yeandle, PI: ESRC Sustainable Care Programme on international lessons in supporting unpaid carers

Panel contributors:

Patrick Hall, Research Fellow, ESRC Sustainable Care Programme, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham

Camille Oung, Researcher, The Nuffield Trust


The English social care system is failing to meet the needs of our population. Complex to navigate, underfunded, unfair and highly variable, it is in urgent need of fundamental reform. While the problems are well understood, less attention has been paid to what a sustainable and functional system might look like. England is not alone in facing the challenges of an increasingly older population and steep growth in care needs among all ages. So what steps have other countries taken to address these same issues?

Organised around four central challenges facing our social care system – funding, workforce, informal care, and long-term sustainability – this session, run jointly by the Nuffield Trust and the Centre for International Research on Care, Labour & Equalities – CIRCLE) – will hear a number of experts reflect on what they see as potential solutions. The speakers will draw on international learning (including from the four nations of the UK), identifying issues and ideas that could translate to England.