Big questions for HSR

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The Cost of Community Research

Caroline Brundle

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Fiddling while Rome Burns? Conducting research with healthcare staff when the NHS is in crisis

Laura Sheard

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Medical consumerism and the modern patient: a three generational model of challenge, niche market and managed consumerism

Stephen Iliffe

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Learning from a feasibility trial of a simple intervention: Is research a barrier to service delivery, or is service delivery a barrier to research?

Julia Frost

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Primary care networks in the English NHS: (another) triumph of hope over experience?

Judith Smith

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News coverage related to service delivery and organisation of the National Health Service (NHS) in British online newspapers

Katherine Lovejoy & Saprina Moor

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Is health research undertaken where the burden of disease is greatest? Observational study of geographical inequalities in recruitment to research in England 2013-2018

Peter Bower

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All , excellent session lectures Great Thanks

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for an excellent presentation. There are some very interesting points raised here and I agree that the challenge of research participation for HCP extends widely across various contexts and settings. I look forward to hearing more conversation on bridging the research/practice gap.

A detailed view of the current phase of GP collectivisation, but you did not answer the question in your title - is the the current vogue for PCN another triumph of hope over experience?

Interesting links between the paper on the media reporting of NHS and how patients were the dominant lens to tell the story in the right wing press and our paper on consumerism. Do the media see patients as thwarted consumers, hapless consumers or consumer complainants?

Nice talk Laura Sheard - This is a national issue we all face in our “local research context” and good to see someone writing about this. Below is my experience of delivering an NIHR project during 2018/2019. I completed the study surgery cancellation last year. We invite 20 university trusts, and eight NHS trusts decided to participate. The recruitment was secured via Chief Operating officers and Directors, and I promise to help them with data analysis. However, within six months, all the senior managers agreed to participate move to different roles in different organisations, and one NHS trust went to special measures. Finally, I manage to recruit three NHS trusts but took nearly a year to validate the data. This delay has cost considerable damage to the research project. You can see the abstract of the study in the link below. A case of a hidden problem or misunderstood problem…. My point is these difficulties impact in various ways, and we all need to learn from these negative experiences of each other and factor them into research delivery plans.