Methodological insights

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CUREd: Creating a research database to improve urgent and emergency care system research

Maxine Kuczawski

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Health technology adoption – the usefulness of Normalisation Process Theory to inform intervention design

Carolyn McCrorie

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Embedding researchers into organisations: studying the features of embedded research initiatives

Liz Mear & Kate Kirk

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Using public consultation data for qualitative research purposes– a case study of public responses to the transformation of maternity services in South-West England

Sian Smith-Lickess

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Rapid prioritisation of adult social care innovations for evaluation: Reflections and considerations

Holly Walton

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The importance of diverse search methods for a rapid review of evidence on the distance to emergency care facilities

Anna Cantrell

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Repurposing of clinical trial data: Developing a Repository of Care Home Trials

Lisa Irvine

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Measuring the impact of external contextual factors on implementation outcomes: a methodology for evaluating complex interventions to improve health

Elizabeth Burns

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Linking national datasets for quality improvement in services for congenital heart disease

Julie Taylor

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Collecting experience-based expertise when planning prehospital care research: a stakeholder event about evaluating paramedics working in care homes.

Bridie Evans

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Success, challenges and lessons learnt in recruiting for TANDEM (Tailored intervention for Anxiety and Depression Management in COPD) a multi-centre pragmatic complex intervention randomised controlled trial

Ratna Sohanpal

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Following ‘The Golden Thread’: Working collaboratively with research librarians to improve access to evidence in a mental health trust

Sarah Knowles

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