The first major study on community hospitals in England

Author Helen Mthiyane
Posted 2019.01.24

The first major study on community hospitals, by researchers at the University of Birmingham, argues that policy makers need to focus on social value to patients and communities.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham’s Health Services Management Centre and Third Sector Research Centre in collaboration with the Community Hospitals Association (CHA) and Crystal Blue Consulting led one of the first major studies to explore the role of community hospitals, patient experience and the relationship which community hospitals have with their local community.

Although previous studies have suggested a link between the history of place, hospital, health and community, this NIHR-funded study is the first to demonstrate these findings across multiple community hospitals in England. The university’s commitment to patient and public involvement ensured that key stakeholders, including the Community Hospital Association, staff, patients, carers and the public, were involved in the design and delivery of this study.

Our study shows how community hospitals are contributing to 'community value' through important functions within the communities in which they serve.

Jon Glasby, Professor of Health and Social Care and Head of School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham

Read the full paper in the NIHR's Health Services & Delivery Research journal:

A comprehensive profile and comparative analysis of the characteristics, patient experience and community value of the 'classic' community hospital situated in contrasting contexts and communities