DECIDE guide on using evidence for innovation

Author Daniel Camero
Posted 2018.08.01

The DECIDE guide on using evidence for innovation was introduced at the 2018 HSRUK conference workshop on “Translating academic findings into practical guidance to support healthcare improvement”. The guidance comes from the “DEcisions in health  Care to Introduce or Diffuse innovations using Evidence” (DECIDE) study, led by researchers at the University of Manchester and University College London, and funded by the Health Foundation.

The guidance is aimed at anyone concerned with informing or making decisions about introducing or spreading innovations within the UK National Health Service, including providers and commissioners of care. It is organised around six key themes, and associated questions, along the  ‘long and winding road’ of decision-making:

  1. DEFINITION: Can the innovation and its potential impact be clearly described?
  2. EVIDENCE: What evidence is available in relation to the  innovation?
  3. STAKEHOLDERS: Who will be involved in decisions and how?
  4. DRIVERS: What are the key external and internal drivers for introducing innovation?
  5. ORGANISATION: What organisational factors should be considered during decision-making?
  6. IMPLEMENTATION: Can likely barriers and enablers to implementation be anticipated early in decision-making?  

Examples from the three case studies of ‘real-world’ decision-making on innovation undertaken during the DECIDE study are used to illustrate the themes.

More details about the DECIDE study, and a link to the newly-available guidance, can be found here:

The study team would very much like to hear your views on the guidance; a link for giving feedback is on the download page.