New roles

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"Is there a distinct role for pharmacists to contribute to children's healthcare in schools?" To explore the potential healthcare role of the pharmacist in Nottingham schools.

Sobia Janjua

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Preliminary Exploration of the Role of paramedics in Care Homes

Mark Kingston

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Motivating factors behind skill mix change: Results from a survey of practice managers in England

Jon Gibson

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Implementing new roles in primary care: Ambiguity

Abigail Tazzyman

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Evaluating an alcohol health champion community intervention: how do newly trained champions perceive and understand their training and role?

Suzy Hargreaves

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Hybrid professionals in senior leadership roles: responding to role expectations through job crafting

Kirsten Armit

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Advanced Clinical Practice Roles in the NHS: panacea or challenge for workforce problems?

Vari Drennan MBE

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Pharmacy on the front lines: The unique role of an urgent care pharmacist

Natasha Burns

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Thank you very much. Our publications from this study are not out yet but the report should be out soon as well as other articles. When anything comes out our ARC website/ twitter should announce it. There is also a range of other related reports on this website, especially under the 'Organising Healthcare' stream: @ARC_GM_ I hope this is helpful

An excellent presentation highlighting the importance of role boundaries and professional hierarchy when introducing new roles. You did not talk about the importance of a prior understanding of "what is the work that needs to be done". When I looked at the introduction of new roles in primary care - the practices that began with this question were more likely to be clear about role boundaries and ultimately successful. The other key to successful role introduction was investment in the team and team working - this can help address established hierarchies as well as support things like patient continuity - which can also be challenged with new roles. I look forward to seeing your final paper.