Versus Arthritis Pain challenge now open - 6 February deadline

Author Daniel Camero
Posted 2018.11.29

Maximum duration: up to 60 months
Maximum costs: in the region of £50,000 up to £1 million
Outline application deadline: 6 February 2019
Full application deadline (invitation): 19 June 2019

What is the pain challenge?

For many people with arthritis, pain has a substantial impact on all aspects of life, causing significant disability, morbidity and mortality. Despite recent advances, on-going moderate and severe chronic pain remains a substantial daily problem for a large proportion of people with arthritis.

Through this call, Versus Arthritis seeks to fund patient insight and investigator-driven research proposals which seek to address the priorities listed below.

  • Advancing our understanding of the complexity of musculoskeletal pain
  • Preventing musculoskeletal pain
  • Developing more effective and patient centric approaches to the identification, assessment, measurement, or evaluation of musculoskeletal pain
  • Developing or testing new approaches to treating and managing musculoskeletal pain
  • Exploring the impact and outcomes of musculoskeletal pain in the workplace.

Who can apply for Pain challenge research awards?

At least one of the applicants must have a tenured position within a UK university, hospital or recognised academic research institute. Applications can include lead applicants and/or co-applicants with expertise relevant to this initiative, but who do not have a track record of musculoskeletal research and we expect applications to take a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to answering research questions.

All three subcommittees (Disease, Treatment and Health) are receiving applications to this Pain challenge call. The Health subcommittee specifically assessed applications in the areas of health services research and applied research.

Visit the website of Versus Arthritis for more information, or contact the Research office for advice if necessary