Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research - website launch

Posted 2021.04.12

Recently joined members of HSR UK: The Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research (PIHR) have just launched their new website to showcase the cutting edge research they undertake. PIHR is a new interdisciplinary research centre which brings together academics from a wide range of disciplines (Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Health Professions, Health Services Research, Medicine, Nursing, Primary Care, Psychology, Public health and Social Care) in the Faculty of Health. They are dedicated to improving the health and care of the populations they serve. 

Speaking to HSR UK, PIHR Director Professor Sheena Asthana tells us: 


"Being the Director of this new Institute has been really exciting, not least because of the range of research - from discovery, to translation into novel interventions, to evaluating ways of delivering care - that my brilliant colleagues are doing. Other key features of our research include methodological innovation, our commitments to knowledge mobilisation and the fact that our research is inextricably linked to our educative mission and each informs and enhances the other. We are also well connected with our local health and care partners (e.g. working with them on the South West Health Infrastructure Plan). It's a busy role (every day is different) but one I am relishing.

Having launched our new website, I am really looking forward to looking outwards, supporting new and productive collaborations. Take a look at our website and, if you see scope for working together, do get in touch. I can honestly say that we are nice people to work with!

Make sure to visit the new PIHR website for more information about their work.