How health services research can support boards

Posted 2021.05.10

In her new blog written for NHS Providers, Stephanie Kumpanen (HSR UK board member and Senior Fellow at the Nuffield Trust) highlights the potential benefits to boards of including health services research as part of their intelligence and becoming 'research-engaged boards'.

She suggests that "including contextualised HSR within the intelligence examined, boards have the potential to be better at 'problem sensing' but also to make better informed decisions. Research engaged boards are also positioned well to shape their local HSR agenda to better suit their information needs and also to align any HSR projects happening on site with their decision-making timepoints."

The blog comes out ahead of NHS Providers Governance and Quality Conference 2021: Fresh Perspectives: complexity, risk and relationships, taking place on 17 - 20 May.

You can read the full piece here: