Consultation: Priorities in European health research

Author Daniel Camero
Posted 2018.05.11

Consultation: Priorities in European health research

Many of the challenges of health systems are not unique to the UK. TO-REACH is asking for your opinion on the most important policy challenges that need to be researched, to determine where joint research within Europe is particularly necessary. You can respond to the online survey here.


Who will carry out this consultation?

The consultation is being conducted as part of the TO-REACH project, a Horizon 2020-coordinated coordination and support action (CSA) in which 28 partners from 19 countries participate, including government, research and funding bodies.


How will the results be used?

The purpose of this international consultation is to explore in which areas and issues in healthcare joint research is possible. The information can steer funding decisions that are taken by national and European research funding bodies. TO-REACH will share the results with the European Commission, to support its preparations for a new (Ninth) Framework Program.


What is the TO-REACH project?

The central question of TO-REACH is how we can improve the efficiency in using successful innovations from other countries. The initiative focuses on the transferability of improvements in the organisation of healthcare services and systems. Simply copying these improvements often does not work well, because the context is different for each country. The goal of the project is to better understand and predict how successful innovations can be applied elsewhere in a European context.


More information

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Please provide your opinion. (Link to the survey )