The King's Fund: Integrated care systems: where next?

Author Helen Mthiyane
Posted 2020.09.14
12 Oct 2020
16 Oct 2020
Virtual conference

May 2020 saw the announcement of four new integrated care systems (ICSs), taking the total number to 18 and meaning that half the country’s population is now covered by an ICS.  

This event will draw on the learning from existing systems as we approach the deadline to have every part of the country covered by an ICS by April 2021, as set out in the NHS long-term plan.

Attendees will hear from local examples of care models being transformed and collaborative relationships and trust between partner organisations and their leaders strengthened. You will learn about how ICSs are intended to play a central role in the co-ordination and delivery of services, bringing together hospitals, care homes, primary and community care and local government. You’ll also hear about the role of places and neighbourhoods within ICSs, and how these layers of the emerging system architecture fit together. 

This virtual conference from The King's Fund takes place over four half-days, and is a paid event.