How to implement a virtual programme for Patient and Public involvement

Author Helen Mthiyane
Posted 2020.10.12
23 Oct 2020 14:00
Zoom webinar

Ensuring patients, carers and the public have a say in and help to shape health and care research is integral to the research that is funded by NIHR. Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) using online tools has been key to many researchers, however as a result of Covid-19 pandemic it has become even more important for us to part our ways of working.  This NIHR webinar will be relevant to you if you are an NIHR funded researcher or accountable for PPI and are interested in learning how to conduct PPI in research virtually.

The webinar will cover:

* why virtual PPI is now even more important
* key opportunities and challenges of virtual PPI
* an overview and introduction to virtual and hybrid PPI solutions
* guidance on how to identify PPI representatives using virtual platforms
* practical advice on how to facilitate PPI virtual meetings and events.

By attending this webinar you will discover:

* how to adapt your PPI programme to incorporate virtual and hybrid PPI
* practical guidance, tips, and resources to deliver PPI virtually.
* insights from a fellow researcher and PPI representative that you can apply to your PPI virtual programme of work.

Webinar hosts:

The webinar will be facilitated by Linda Onerhime-Prince, PPI Manager, NIHR Academy, and Esther van Vliet, PPI and Engagement Officer, NIHR School for Primary Care Research, and PPI lead for the NIHR HPRU in Emerging and Zoonotic Infections. They will be joined by an NIHR researcher and PPI Member who will share real-life examples of leading and being involved in virtual PPI.