German Conference on Health Services Research

Author Helen Mthiyane
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30 Sep 2020
02 Oct 2020

Call for abstracts open until 15 April!

The German Network of Health Services Research conference will take place in Berlin this autumn. The theme will be 'Access, Quality and Efficiency: Comparing countries' health care system performance for improved health services'.  It will focus on 'Health Systems Performance Assessment', and how different health care systems or their building blocks can contribute to improving access, quality, population health outcomes and efficiency, and how countries can learn from each other and their experiences in improving the health care delivery system. 

At this year’s conference, for the first time there will be a series of sessions with oral presentations with exclusively English-language contributions.  International researchers in the field of health services research, and in particular young scholars, are invited to present their work and exchange with German and international colleagues. Abstracts can be submitted on a variety of topics ranging from performance assessment, digitalisation in health care to quality and patient safety.

Further details below:


Submit your abstract as poster or presentation. You may also submit your contribution to the Science Slam. The abstract submission is open until 15 April 2020. 


We invite researchers to submit an abstract related to one of the following conference topics, which may be from a country, regional, or global perspective. Submissions from international research and/or collaborations are highly encouraged.


Objectives of health care systems and health care provision: Accessibility, quality, efficiency etc.
Health System Performance Assessment: Data, methods and results
Health services research of regional disparities
Building blocks of care (outpatient, inpatient, cross-sectoral) in an international comparison
Care management (e.g. via payment) in international comparison
Evaluation of care provided by patients and citizens


From Performance Assessment to a health care reform target
From reform objective to implementation
Access, quality and efficiency-oriented reforms: expectations and reality
Centres for Health Economics Research and the German Innovation Fund: Contributions to access, quality, efficiency?
Digitalisation: Improvement of health care service provision?


Methods and theories of health services research
Scientific communication and visualisation of research results
Data for health services research: what are the benefits of the General Data Protection Regulation and/or the German Digital Healthcare Act?
Patient Centredness / Patient-Reported Outcomes
Quality and patient safety
Health services research in training and further education
Free Topics


This format appeals to researchers in the field of health services research who would like to present their research in a different format. In a Science Slam session, each participant presents their scientific work in a three-minute slam and may use any kind of supporting materials to convince the audience. The Science Slam aims to present research work in a different format than the usual scientific presentation. The audience will act as the jury and select winners at the end of the Science Slam. Prizes will be awarded to the three best slammers. Applicants can submit either current work (even if no results are available yet) or already completed work.

Abstract submissions for the Science Slam must follow the same guideline as abstracts for oral presentations/posters.