Facilitating Large Scale Change webinar series

Author Daniel Camero
Posted 2018.06.05
07 Jun 2018

NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team is holding a series of webinars on Facilitating Large Scale Change.

This free programme is aimed at all those working in health and care organisations who are facing large scale change challenges and all those interested in developing large scale change skills.

Led by expert facilitators, the webinar series introduces participants to frameworks and tools for leading successful large scale change and:

  • Introduces the principles of systems leadership
  • Introduces the theory and principles of large scale change
  • Provides an overview of processes of change and the Change Model
  • Introduces foundational elements of mobilising and organising and the use of narrative
  • Introduces the key principles of measurement for improvement and change
  • Introduces approaches for maximising value from your networks

The series consists of an induction webinar, in May 2018, followed by six topic-themed sessions in June and July 2018. Participants are encouraged to join all seven webinars to get the most from the series.

Each webinar is CPD certified by the CPD Certification Service and carries one CPD point for each taught hour of the programme. Participants can collect their CPD points after successfully completing the short learning questionnaire after each session.


More details on the topics, dates and times for each webinar, as well as the registration instructions can be found on the web of NHS England.