Achieving successful system change: Lessons from stroke reconfiguration in London and Greater Manchester

Author Daniel Camero
Posted 2018.04.16
15 May 2018

Achieving successful system change: Lessons from stroke reconfiguration in London and Greater Manchester

15 and 22 May 2018


The need for system-wide change in the NHS has never been greater. How can we learn from what has gone before? These events explore the lessons from stroke reconfiguration, building know-how on better large-scale change across a range of clinical areas.


Two webinars will discuss the research into stroke reconfiguration in greater detail, and look at international examples of best practice.


Then a subsequent all-day learning event will explore the implications of the reconfiguration of stroke services in London and Greater Manchester for system-wide change in the NHS in England, including new findings from research led by University College London on how to make and sustain major system change. The event aims to share learning across a wide range of clinical areas and perspectives, helping participants deliver change for the better.


The event series is designed for all those leading change, both related to stroke-care, and across the NHS, including leaders of sustainability and transformation partnerships, integrated care systems, clinical reconfigurations, and more. They are led by the Department of Applied Health Research at UCL and Kaleidoscope Health & Care, a social enterprise set up to bring people together to improve health and care.


Kaleidoscope and UCL have gathered a dozen speakers lined up, including: 

  • Tony Rudd (National Clinical Director for Stroke) talking about clinical engagement in London
  • Charlotte Augst (Partnership Director, Richmond Group of Charities) on patient engagement
  • David Clark (Architect of the IAPT programme) on designing major change from scratch
  • Chris Naylor (Chief Executive, Barking and Dagenham Council) on learning from local authorities


Find more details on, and register separately for the events that you wish to attend:

15 May: Did stroke reconfiguration work?​ 1-2pm

15 May: Crash course in system change worldwide. 4-5pm 

22 May: Achieving successful system change: lessons from stroke reconfiguration​, central London. 10-4pm.