The 6th International Authenticity to Action Conference

Author Helen Mthiyane
Posted 2020.04.29
30 Mar 2021
University of Central Lancashire, Preston

The last two decades have seen a welcome growth in creative and innovative involvement for the inclusion of the public and patient voice within health and social care higher education.

This conference aims to celebrate and provide a forum for all those involved in this work to examine new innovations, critically reflect upon the impact of involvement, network and share our ideas.

The Conference themes are:

  • Sustaining authentic involvement whilst facing resource and governance pressures
  • Innovation and creativity in involvement.
  • Involvement of children, young people and ‘seldom heard’ voices.
  • Involvement from curriculum development to admissions, classroom delivery and assessment
  • Sustaining vibrant, creative and nourishing opportunities in which all service users, public, patients, carers and community partners can all flourish and maintain their wellbeing.
  • Evaluating the impact of involvement work
  • Best practice in simulation based learning and case study work

Deadline for abstracts is Friday 18 December 2020.