Nesta - The Future of Health Research: What next?

Author Helen Mthiyane
Posted 2019.11.22
27 Nov 2019
London, UK

Nesta invites you to explore the future of health research with researchers, practitioners, policy makers, funders and citizens from a range of backgrounds. In this interactive workshop participants will come together to share perspectives on what needs to radically change in health research in order to get serious about addressing the social, behavioural and environmental influences on health and health inequalities.

With an overwhelming 80 per cent of health research funding being poured into treating disease, the UK spends very little on understanding what could prevent us from getting unwell in the first place. At Nesta, they believe a solution lies in the creation of The Nightingale, a research and innovation centre of excellence that will build evidence on behavioural, social and environmental aspects of health in order to solve the biggest health challenges of now and the future. At this workshop, they invite you to explore the ideas behind the Nightingale and join them in shaping the future of health research


Who is it for?


This workshop is for health and public health practitioners, funders, research councils, academics, local and national policymakers, researchers, students, health charities, think tanks and any citizens interested in the future of health research, prevention and health equity.

They particularly welcome those from professional and disciplinary backgrounds who might not be considered traditional ‘health’ researchers, funders or practitioners. For example this includes, but is not limited to, town planners, sociologists, architects, service designers, citizen scientists, representatives from anti-poverty, racial justice and social justice charities, economists and behavioural scientists. 

They would also welcome citizens who have experience of social conditions (for example, air pollution, poor quality housing, poverty or poor employment conditions) that have affected their health, or who are simply interested in the future of health research. 


Why should I come?


This afternoon workshop is a chance for you to debate the issues around the lack of funding for the wider determinants of health and to network with others from a range of backgrounds who are interested in the future of health research.  You’ll have the chance to find out what action and new research others are undertaking to address these issues across the UK. And you’ll be invited to share your perspectives on Nesta’s proposal for The Nightingale, engaging in interactive exercises to bring these ideas to life and working together to create the next steps towards transforming health research.




Registration opens at 11:30 and the event starts promptly at 12:00. The event will finish at 16:30 and will include a 30 minute break for lunch (provided) at 12:45.


Find out more here.