NETSCC Funding and support round-up October 2018

Author Daniel Camero
Posted 2018.10.05 Comments 0

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme

An NIHR and MRC partnership
18/140 EME Themed Call: Frailty
18/141 EME Themed Call: Chronic pain

Health Services and Delivery Research Programme
18/153 HS&DR Themed Call: Chronic pain
18/154 HS&DR Themed Call: Frailty

Health Technology Assessment Programme
18/143 HTA Themed Call: Frailty (evidence synthesis)
18/144 HTA Themed Call: Frailty (primary research)
18/145 HTA Themed Call: Chronic pain (evidence synthesis)
18/146 HTA Themed Call: Chronic pain (primary research)

Programme Development Grants
Competition 23

Programme Grants for Applied Research
Competition 28

Public Health Research Programme
18/151 PHR Themed Call: Frailty  
18/152 PHR Themed Call: Chronic pain   

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